Its Not That They’re Hard to Hit…

Let’s discuss leads. When trying to create the correct lead on a moving target there are basically three recognized techniques.

  1. Sustained lead
  2. Swing through
  3. Pull Ahead

Lets take a quick look at them all and then discuss why for a new shooter only one of them makes any sense.

“Sustained Lead”

Insert the muzzle ahead of the target and keep it ahead of the target the whole time

How much? well that’s the tricky part.

“Swing Through”

Come from behind the target and swing through the target until the muzzle is in front and then take the shot.

How far in front? again…

“Pull Ahead” 

Get the muzzle of the gun onto the target. Now pull ahead and take the shot.

How far in front?

So now I will tell you why I only teach the latter of the three methods for a new shooter.

“Pull ahead”

Firstly when I tell you get the muzzle onto the target that is a precise thing I am asking a person to do. No ambiguity there. Next, now that the gun has matched the target speed and flight line just pull ahead and take the shot. The muzzle speed tends to create the correct amount of lead. From there it only takes a little bit to get “On target” if your not already there.

Also as always when you call for a target its time to concentrate and focus.

It’s not that they are hard to hit.
Its that they are easy to miss.

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